The Radicards™ Museum 

Welcome to the museum extension of www.radicards.com. This site exists for two reasons:

  1. To showcase the Frank Thomas collection of Patrick Greenough: Owner, Radicards™
  2. To act as a reference guide for other collectors

Please use this site to help identify cards in your collection.

 *** ATTENTION ***
*** Nothing on this site is for sale or trade ***

*Check the:

*Viewing tips:

  • To scroll through scans more efficiently, use the left & right keys on your keyboard
  • View meta descriptions by hovering your cursor over thumbnails
  • Images in each portfolio are organized alphabetically

*Try the Search bar: In addition to image titles, tags are added for efficient query results. The following tags can be used to run search queries:

  • 1/1: Descriptive.
  • Bankruptcy: This includes anything from brand bankruptcies.
  • Buyback: Companies sometimes buy some of their older cards back from the market, alter them in some way, and release them back into the market.
  • Cameo: These are cards of other players that depict Frank Thomas in the background.
  • Error: This includes misprints, miscuts, overprints and anything else in the errors category.
  • Fake: Descriptive.
  • Jumbo: This includes any card larger than the standard-sized baseball card.
  • Promo: This includes samples both stated and unstated.
  • Proof: This emcompasses a variety of cards that weren’t ready for release. This may include missing foil, oversized, or otherwise not release ready.
  • R&N China: Any porcelain cards will be uncovered using this tag.
  • Signed: Anything signed. This includes pack-pulled and in-person signatures where applicable.
  • Show Stamp: This includes anything that depicts a stamp from a convention or show.
  • Uncirculated: This includes box-toppers both sealed and unsealed.