Welcome to the museum arm of www.radicards.com

This site exists for two reasons:

  1. To showcase the Frank Thomas collection of Patrick Greenough: Owner, Radicards®
  2. To act as a reference guide for other collectors

Please use this site to help identify cards in your collection.

 *** ATTENTION ***
*** Nothing on this site is for sale or trade ***

Have a look around. The site is well organized. In addition to viewing galleries manually, you can run specific search queries using our Search Bar. In addition to titles, you can run the following search terms:

  • 1/1: Descriptive.
  • Bankruptcy: This includes anything from brand bankruptcies.
  • Buyback: Companies sometimes buy some of their older cards back from the market, alter them in some way, and release them back into the market.
  • Cameo: These are cards of other players that depict Frank Thomas in the background.
  • Error: This includes misprints, miscuts, overprints and anything else in the errors category.
  • Fake: Descriptive.
  • Jumbo: This includes any card larger than the standard-sized baseball card.
  • Promo: This includes samples both stated and unstated.
  • Proof: This emcompasses a variety of cards that weren’t ready for release. This may include missing foil, oversized, or otherwise not release ready.
  • R&N China: Any porcelain cards will be uncovered using this tag.
  • Signed: Anything signed. This includes pack-pulled and in-person signatures where applicable.
  • Show Stamp: This includes anything that depicts a stamp from a convention or show.
  • Uncirculated: This includes box-toppers both sealed and unsealed.